Jan. 23rd, 2012 12:06 am
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Is anyone still using this community?
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I want to talk about the cute little cucumber that grows in the south Eastern United States.

Wild Cucmber - Melothria pendula

The scientific name means hanging apple. The fruit looks more like a tiny watermelon. It's a climbinb vine with five lobed leaves. The flower is a tiny yellow and has five petals. They grow in moist areas, woods and can be found growing over shrubs.

A range map can be found here.

In the north they fruit during the summer. In the warm south they can be found almost year round. Fruits are tiny, about an inch long. This makes them very cute cucumbers.

The little fruits are edible when they are green and immature. Some sites say they are poisonous and that is wrong. WARNING though DO NOT EAT THE BLACK ONES. Mature black cucumbers will make you sick and are a super laxative. So the green ones can be put in salads. The black ones are to be avoided.

Personally I think this little vine is wonderful as an ornamental on a fence. Here is a close up of a female flower before polination. So beautiful.

One thing I love about all members of the cucumber family is the little baby fruit behind the female flowers. So cute.
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Well I didn't think anyone would find this place but we've got one member and a few watchers. Please join and post about your gardens and the cucurbits you have. Since there's some activity here after all I think I will start to transfer some of the articles and info I posted over from Livejournal.
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When is the proper time to finally harvest butternut squash? The first round of gourds are tan and well-sized, but seem well attached to still green runners, and a second round of flowering has begun back near the original roots.
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Welcome to the community about growing gourds, luffas, pumpkins and any member of the cucurbit family. If you like to grow squash, cucumbers and melons they are welcome too. Share your knowledge, tips, stories and pictures. Be sure to read the rules and have fun.



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